About Us

Who Am I?

First off all, I'm a 52 year-old (young!) man who has spent half of my life in the roofing business, and the other half contracting custom homes. Being involved in these two trades has often driven me to attempt to solve problems and fix things that just needed fixing. We all, from time to time, get great ideas about how to make something better, or what we might have done differently if had made a particular product. But, instead of solving a problem, we complain that someone should do something about it. Well, for once, I did something about it.

I got tired of filling in holes left behind by pot vents, turtle vents, static vents, etc. with plywood, when a customer wanted to vent a house using ridge venting. We invented a plug to fill the hole. It's something that takes seconds to install, and the cost is easily absorbed in the time saved not going the plywood route. We call our product the EZ-Plug. The EZ-Plug is a product that is easy to install and, in most cases, you're done in less than one minute per hole. That's a huge savings when the average home has five to seven static vents. We now have thousands of EZ-Plugs installed in roofs coast to coast. The word on the street is, they "absolutely love 'EM'!" (EM is a technical roofing term.)

The challenge we have had is getting the word out about EZ-Plug to supply houses and contractors. So, we created www.Roof-Links.com to help us spread the word to the roofing industry. It's working so well, we now want other roofers and inventors to list their roofing products on www.Roof-Links.com, FREE of charge (complements of EZ-Plug). We hope this will save you some money, and help to get your product into the hands of roofers and supply houses around the globe.

We want www.Roof-Links.com to be your HOME PAGE, and provide an amazing resource for all of your roofing needs. We made it 100% "Click and Go" for the roofers who haven't yet mastered their #tY^pIn&G skills -- namely ME!! We also want to thank the supply houses that carry our products, and showcase them, so you can find them in your area.

Please enjoy the site, and don't forget to add your new or existing products to the Advertise Button on Roof-Links (for FREE). We also encourage you, the contractor, to add your company to our site, and check out the ever-so-popular forums available to roofers (just click on the forum button), again for FREE.

Thanks to all you hard-working, tough-as-nails, weather-fighting, never-giving-up, tender-loving, big-hearted roofers!!!

Knute S. Olson